SQN Sport is Committed To a Footprint for a Cleaner World

Have you ever considered the impact your pants have on the world? Have you ever thought of the amount of pollution they create or the amount non-recyclable materials they are made out of? Have you ever realized that if you think about how your pants fit in with the rest of the world you might be able to positively affect the future?

If you haven’t, it’s okay. Most people don’t. However, today we want to help you understand how sustainably sourced, distributed, and sold apparel can play a role in creating a cleaner future for the world. 

At SQN Sport, we are committed to creating a cleaner tomorrow by building awareness of how our fashionable activewear garments are manufactured, packaged, and sold because we believe that education is key in creating a better future for our world.

SQN Sport is Made in America

Every apparel product offered by SQN Sport is made in America. Because all of the products are made in America we are able to reduce the distance our products are shipped and choose a more environmentally friendly method of shipping. Each of these factors contributes to reducing the SQN Sport's carbon footprint.

SQN Sport Packages Products in Biodegradable Plastic Bags

A large percentage of the world’s waste is created by consumers throwing away packaging materials. Whether it is a box, bag, or wrap, packaging always eventually ends up in the trash. Because SQN Sport uses biodegradable plastic bags for packaging products we do not contribute as much to the landfill problem in the United States and Across the world.

The Majority of SQN Sport Products are Sold at Trunk Show

Instead of finding a large number of retailers to carry SQN Sport products, the apparel offered by SQN Sport is sold via the online website or through small trunk show with independent retailers. Because the largest portion of clothing is sold at trunk shows, consumers are able to try the garments on and therefore reduce the number of returns and the distance products are shipped in order to be returned.

SQN Sport Will Use Organic Materials in the Future

Due to the fact that SQN Sport is fully committed to reducing its carbon footprint, it is our goal that in the future organic materials will be sourced and used to create our products. Typically, organically sourced fabrics use fewer materials to grow and are free from harmful chemicals that can harm the environment. No matter your clothing preferences, clothing made from organic materials are a great choice for everyone.

 The next time you intend on purchasing activewear, be sure to consider the source of materials, packaging, and the footprint of the shipping methods. When you consider the environment in your clothing purchases you are doing a big part in changing the future of the world.


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