A Quick Summer Three Day  Detox

There’s always a lot of talk about getting the perfect bikini body (whatever that means) this time of year, and while sure, looking hot in a two-piece can be a powerful motivator, the primary reason we wanted to do a quickie detox was to get our sugar cravings, and subsequently, our energy levels, in check, and generally rid ourselves of some not-so-great eating habits we’ve picked up long before Memorial Day. To get the job done, we tapped Liz Moody, the woman behind Sprouted Routes, where she writes about natural beauty, healthy travel, and, of course, delicious, nourishing recipes. As a former newspaper columnist, she spent years traveling around the world: She took culinary lessons in Syria, sommelier courses in Paris, and studied under a Moroccan medicine man in the Rif Mountains. She came to have a deep appreciation for food as both medicine and an integral, immensely enjoyable part of life. In short: she’s our kind of girl. Her recipes—as evidenced by this easy-to-follow and effective three-day detox—are filled with nourishing, healthy ingredients, while utilizing exciting, internationally based flavor combinations. Her first cookbook will be released by Clarkson Potter in Spring 2017, but in the meantime, her Instagram account is an excellent alternative.

For the Full Detox click here.

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