We asked experts who produce inside and outside the U.S. for their thoughts.
By Whitney Bauck for Fashionista.com

There's no occasion quite like the Fourth of July to celebrate all things American. Here at Fashionista, we'll be spending the week examining the fashion industry in our own backyard, from the state of U.S. apparel manufacturing to American-born models on the rise. You can follow all of our coverage here.

The Rana Plaza factory collapse that killed over 1,000 Bangladeshi garment workers in 2013 was a wake-up call for many Western consumers. Suddenly, people who had never thought before about where their clothes were made or who was making them were asking questions. And as evidence of laborer and environmental abuses in countries like China, India and Bangladesh continued to surface over the next few years, many conscious shoppers gravitated toward clothing made in countries like the United States, where manufacturing problems weren't making headlines every week.

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