Make Money: Host a SQN Sport Trunk Show

SQN Sport Retail Show


If you love SQN Sport and want to host a trunk show for your friends, you have come to the right place.  We receive so many requests for stores and products around the country we decided to open up our trunk show program to women across the country. 


 The Perks: 

  1. Tier 1:  
    $500 +  in sales, 5% commission and $100.00 food and beverage credit.

    Tier 2:  
    $1000 + in sales, 10% commission, $100 food and beverage credit, and a choice of a free legging or top. 

    Tier 3:  
    $5000  + in sales, %15 commission, $100 food and beverage credit, and a free outfit. 

    Tier 4:  
    $10,000 +  in sales, 20% commission, %100 food and beverage credit, a free outfit, and 35% discount on items. 

The Program:

  1. We send you a graphic for your invite to your trunk show and you email to your friends.
  2. We ship you a sample line with sizes and color choices.
  3. Rent a garment rack the day of the trunk show.
  4. Hang the garments that were shipped to you
  5. Put out drinks and food for your friends.
  6. Let your friends try on the clothing, select their pieces, and place an order with you.
  7. Orders are placed on an Ipad that is loaded with our software.
  8. The order is automatically sent to SQN Sun Valley and fulfill it there.  We ship the packages over 150.00 for free.  

 After the Trunk Show: 

  1. Double check your orders
  2. Confirm any changes with SQN Sport
  3. Pack up the clothing and return in the provided box and return shipping label.
  4. We ship all of the orders out the next day with return shipping labels.
  5. We send you a check 14 days after the trunk show for 20% of the sales.

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Make Money

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