Like Buying? You will Love Sharing - The SQN Sports Ambassador Program

People all across the world buy products they need and use regularly. The aim remains to buy a product that does not cut too deep into their pockets, neither compromises on the quality. This is the general mentality that every individual has, regardless of whether they are in a shop or browsing online.

This pattern does not break when it comes to sports products. If anything, the focus on this sweet spot increases when it comes to sports equipment. Although people do not realise it, their regular browsing and shopping of products makes them adept at recognising what the pros and cons of each product are and recommending them to other people.

Imagine if one could get paid for promoting products. The amount of effort put into promoting is infinitesimally small as compared to the reward and return that it gets someone. If someone gets this chance, it is very rare that they would pass up the opportunity to earn money by simply getting other people to buy the products they themselves use.

This is exactly what SQN has to offer. They have taken the initiative of starting a Sports Ambassador Program, which can change the life of anyone who is willing to take the deep dive into becoming a promoter for SQN.

What is SQN?

SQN is one of the top online companies that sell sports accessories. Ranging from tank tops to leggings to bags, they have it all. They have enough feedback to show that the quality of their products is top notch and the service is out of this world.

People are extremely precise when it comes to the type and make of the product they want. SQN has tapped into this desire of the people and has been successful in making a profit out of it. People have also responded in an extremely positive way to their product line, which has helped them shoot for the stars like never before.

 SQN is such a company that has realised the potential its customers have. It has seen that the best way to go about promoting their products is through the people that are buying their products. They have deciphered that the inclusion of their customers is what will make them reach the top. So, they have started the SQN Sports Ambassador Program.

What is the SQN Ambassador Program?

If anyone thinks that they are influential enough in their circle and use SQN products, this is the program for them. The ambassador program is a way for SQN to promote their products through the people who buy them. 

The concept is simple. If someone is able to promote SQN to someone, they earn a commission for their work and referral. They even earn if they make their friends ambassadors. It is a very neat system that ensures the involvement of the company as well as the customers. It also ensures that the products of SQN reach far and wide.

This program has been structured around influencers. If someone is a fitness influencer or has experience being a fitness ambassador, then this program is for them. They can use their reach to earn a good amount of money. The skills required are the ones that the people will already have.

 They are influencing skills. The ability to talk to people and have an impact on their decisions is exactly what an influencer or an ambassador needs. SQN respects any ambassador that comes their way and so, the terms and conditions of the program have been set in such a way that it is in beneficial for the ambassador.

Details of the program

These are the details of the entire program:

  • 20% commission on sales
  • 5% commission on all of your friends’ sales
  • Clothing discounts

Optional sample line purchases:

  • 50% off a starter nine item box of samples
  • 50% off a starter three item box of samples. 


Selling levels:

Silver status: after paying the 25,00 fee

50% off on one item a month

Commissions: 20% / 5% of referral sales


Gold status: selling 1000 a month

50% off on two items a month

Commissions: 22% / 5% of referral sales


Platinum status: selling 5000 a month

50% off on three items a month

Commissions: 24% / 5% referral sales


Diamond status: selling 10,000 a month

50% off any clothing purchase

Commissions:  27% / 5% referral sales 


  • trunk show events at your home
  • trunk show events at local events
  • email promotions to your friends
  • text promotions to your friends


Examples of Money earned:

  • $1000 dollars in sales = $200 in your pocket
  • 5 friends each sell $1000 = you receive $250
  • Average sale is $175.00


  • Weekly facebook live events
  • Weekly promotions
  • Monthly video competitions
  • Daily photography posts on instagram



The program is made for all the influencers out there. The way SQN is recruiting ambassadors, there is no looking back now. People should not miss this opportunity to shine and use their circle for the best purpose. It can help SQN shine with you. 

This program is an initiative that not many companies take. The realisation that the customer is everything is something that SQN has capitalized on. They have made significant progress over the years because of this program.

The perks that come with the program are enticing as well. They are enough to attract all the influencers out there who are involved in fitness and training on a regular basis.

Keeping all these things in mind, the SQN Sports Ambassador program is something that can not only boost the amount of money earned by an influencer, but also increase their own social circle by a huge margin. The big picture is that being associated with a company such as SQN in itself is a big deal. Getting a chance to be their sports ambassador is something no one would want to miss.

Influencers are changing the world. It is time to accept that they have the power to change the fate of companies as well. This program is a step taken by SQN to change their fate for the better.


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