You don't have to have a full closet of workout clothes in order to have what you need. At SQNSport we believe in a well-curated closet. A curated closet is versatile pieces that allow you to mix and match to create different looks for different occasions. Additionally, a curated closet is ecologically friendly, reducing waste. And, it is economically friendly, allowing people to spend less on their wardrobe by buying quality items that will last longer. 

In order to have a curated closet, you need a small mixture of tops, bottoms, and accessories. We suggest a five-piece bundle that will allow you to dress for any weather and any type of workout. It also allows the opportunity for an after workout outfit that can be worn to the store, or other throughout town, eliminating the need for you to go home and change.

SQN Sport suggests these five items, from the best line of American Made Activewear to create a curated workout wardrobe.

High Neck Tank

The high neck tank is a versatile piece that can get anyone through their sweatiest workout, but also look good in a non-workout environment.



Tank: High Neck


Pant: Harem

The Harem Pant is one of the most comfortable pants you will ever find. Flowy and free they are great to have on your way to the gym on a chilly morning or even if you are just relaxing at home.




Legging: Seamless Black

The seamless black legging is a no-brainer when it comes to workout wear. Wear these with a tunic, sweatshirt, or workout tank and you will look stylish and be able to complete your workout comfortably.




Sweatshirt: Sweatshirt

The basic sweatshirt is a flowy piece that allows for free movement and looks great with either the Harem Pant or Black Legging.





The poncho is your best accessory item as it allows you to cover up after a workout on a cold day, or add a layer of style that you need to run around town after your workout is done.






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