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Home Sweet Home, even for Manufacturing

The new trend throughout American Manufacturingis to make the products overseas. The pretext being the saving of costs in labor and manufacturing. This trend started once there was a boom in the companies that came up with ideas and businesses of their own. The cost of labor overseas is extremely less compared to the costs in America. Hence, the companies and start-ups with limited funding shifted their operations overseas, saving costs on labor. 

There are some factors that these companies overlook when they shift their operations. The times have changed, and so has the customer base of the country of America. People are now more interested in a different way of buying their products. They care where it comes from and what effect it has on the world. The “Why” is now a massive part of the business. Anyone who wants to do a start-up, needs first to answer the question of “Why should the Start-Up exist?”.

American manufacturing in this day and age is a huge plus point. The budding entrepreneurs miss a perfect opportunity to do something the customers and even the economy of the country have been craving for.

The perks of having a sustainable American manufacturingunit has so many perks which can set one apart from their competition. The advantages are not just for the customer but also for the business in general.


1.   Increase in economy

If one places their manufacturing plant in America, they will pay America taxes and even employ the people and citizens of America. All of this will help the American economy in a big way. The contribution of companies from all facets of the industry will boost the economy from all directions. 

Even the people themselves will prosper with an increase in economic standards. The index of living and earning will increase throughout. The cycle has to be started by starting American Manufacturing. Doing this process overseas will end up not hitting the economy of the United States of America.


2.   Increase in Jobs

It is a significant point when it comes to the larger picture of running a business. Any business or enterprise that one run comes with a responsibility. This responsibility is to the working class of the people of America. An American Manufacturing plantwill ensure that the citizens of the great nation have an opportunity to shine. 

The labor here may be more costly, but the reward is much higher. Another factor to consider here is the effect that It will have on the customers that buy the product. Once they know that the product they buy is increasing the employment share, they will be more compelled to buy it. Such an effect goes a long way and may make a significant impact on the business.


3.   Expenses

Here comes the most complex part of shifting manufacturing to the USA. The primary reason why It is being discussed. The costing of labor overseas is cheaper. That is a fact, but the calculation of shipping and transport is not being considered. Both of these factors increase drastically. Getting a product shipped from one country to another from across the pond is no joke.

The decrease in these factors makes up for the cost reduction, which was happening overseas. Investing in the citizens of America is one of the safest deeds one can do. It is because of the higher payment of these people ensures an excellent quality of work and loyalty to the company. That is something money cannot buy, only earned through proper relations.


4.   Environment-Friendly

When manufacturing is shifted abroad, the biggest problem comes in the transportation of the product from one country to another. This transportation consumes a lot of fuel. It increases the carbon footprint. Even while shipping, the damage done to the seas is baffling.

All this reduces when one shifts the operation exactly where the product is to be sold. The distance to travel decreases, hence decreasing the harmful impact on the environment. This decrease goes a long way in the fight against greenhouse gases. Another way to look at it is the way one can market the product.

Any customer who learns that not only is the product increasing jobs in the country, it is making a cleaner and better world, will be more inclined to use that product. It can help with the massive increase in sales. So the environmental impact is not just worldwide, but nationwide as well as to the specific business venture.


5.   Higher standards of Quality and time management

It is something that is extremely important for any business to maintain. Any product has a standard which it must maintain to compete in the market. The quality is what the customers are faced with while using the product.

The disadvantage of overseas manufacturing is that quality control is tough. A person to make sure that mistakes are not made can be appointed, but actual checking can happen only when the product has arrived. By then, it is too late.

American Manufacturingensures that checking can be done efficiently. All mistakes can be pinpointed then and there. Then they can be corrected in the proper fashion. Such a process ensures that quality remains the best.

Another factor is the time to get the product to the consumer. This time decreases drastically as no water body has to be crossed during shipping. The dropping off of the product to the consumer's doorstep in the best time possible is the aim of any business. Hence, every second saved leads to a happier customer.

There are many factors that point to the fact that American Manufacturing must be brought back into existence. The people, the economy, and the industries can flourish with such speed that it can become the fastest growing country in the world. Even the way consumers perceive the products they buy has changed, so why shouldn't the way it is manufactured change? In the end, whichever country one goes to, home is where they come back.

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