Running on clouds: On technology

On’s patented CloudTec® technology is engineered to deliver a soft landing followed by an explosive take-off. The result? An unbelievably light running sensation. And no compromise on cushioning and impact protection. In other words, running on clouds.

Welcome to the ultimate lightweight running sensation. Cushioning that doesn't break your stride, but adapts to it. When you hit the ground with an On shoe, the highly adaptive rubber Cloud elements cushion both vertical and horizontal forces for a soft landing and start getting you ready to move forward.

CloudTec® is the first system to offer cushioning only during the landing phase (when you actually need it). As soon as you strike the ground, the Cloud elements lock firm to from a  solid foundation for natural, powerful propulsion. Prepare for take-off.  

Zero-Gravity Foam

Zero-Gravity Foam offers the ultimate in ultralight. Advanced abrasion pads ensure superior grip and adds longevity to lightweight. Find your running shoe here.


The evolved first formula for running on clouds. Rebound-Rubber is Swiss-engineered to offer a revolutionary, responsive ride.  And with low-abrasion durability we make sure the sensation stays the same mile after mile. The open Cloud element construction saves weight and adds to the featherlight feel. Get the original On experience here.

Micro-engineered Grip-Rubber sole

No two trails are the same. Embracing that unpredictabilty means a sole that can handle anything. That's why our micro-engineered Grip-Rubber sole offers four distinct levels of grip to keep you in control. An extruded triangular grip pattern built from a newly-developed "sticky" rubber is there to stop slipping. Arrow-shaped elements at the heel and at the front of the sole grip upon impact to find a footing for a firm take-off. Meet your ultimate trail running shoe. 

Forward motion powered by forward thinkingTogether with the Cloud elements, the engineered structure of On Speedboards supports the natural rolling motion of your foot.  From landing to push-off and onto the next stride, each promotes an active running sensation. Every Speedboard is adapted for each model, working in synch with the entire sole to ensure an experience that moves you. 

You can purchase On Running Shoes at SQN Sport in Sun Valley and SQN Sport in Malibu.  





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