black racer back dress

By Roz Pactor, My Red Glasses Blog:

A couple of weeks ago I received a media alert ad a cold cal from a PR person that invited me to stop by a pop-up shop that was in progress at River Oaks Districtfor a couple of days . It was from a collection of activewear (which BTW, I dubbed it to be weekend wear immediately upon seeing it as I would live in it far beyond a workout or sports activity!).  The designer and owner of this three year old business, Megan Murphy Lengyel was going to be there and after taking one look at the sophisticated photo above from the invite and the fact that it was all ethical, American-made luxury fabrics, it sounded like my kind of collection……it was, I left there with a shopping bag with 7 garments in it and have 2 more in my shopping cart right now….I liked it a lot and loved the style and comfort that each piece provides. Here’s some reasons why I fell in love with this line and you will want to own some pieces yourself…..

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