SQN Sport Influencer Program | actiones secundum fidei (We act according to what we believe)

SQN Sport works with Influencers  who are dedicated to health, fitness, well being, mothers, trainers, and instructors.  Each referral sale is given 20% of the commission, paid through Pay Pal.  Influencers are given referral code and a promotional link to track their sales online.  

They post pictures and videos on their social media channels, create content for SQN, and write blogs about SQN products.   They have followings on their social media channels and are interested in fashion, health, beauty, and fitness. They are able to post specific items and have a line that tracks the sale back to them.  

Influencers need to have an audience, a niche area that they work in, and are expected to post once a month for SQN and create one piece of content: video, photograph, or styling with SQN.

If you would like to be considered for this program, please email the following information to jane@sqnsport.com and sign up below.  We will email you after you are approved. 


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Client Base

Niche Market

Why would you like to be an SQN Influencer

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