The SQN Long Sleeve T Shirt: The Perfect Base Layer

The SQN Sport Long Sleeve T Shirt is the perfect base layer for multiple sports:  Ice Skating, Snow Skiing, Running, Cross Country Skiing, Snow shoeing, hiking, walking, and layering after gym work. SQN manufactures all of its active wear in the USA, the long sleeve T shirt is something that sells out very quickly because of the quality, performance, and look of the garment. 

The shirt is made out of a viscose spandex blend that provides the right amount of weight and coverage.  It is a breathable fabric so you can sweat in the fabric and it will dry quickly.  It is thin enough that it can be worn under fleece or a down jacket. These would not be base layers that you would use for major expeditions, that would be for wool.  Viscose works best for shorter workouts when you are going to be only an hour or two outside, beyond that in bad weather you would want something with wool in it. 

The t shirt has thumb holes, longer sleeves and a longer length to wear tucked in or hanging out over leggings.  The fabric drapes and does not cling so it is incredibly comfortable to wear for sports, errands, or even dinner out. 



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