minimal make up bag

A minimalist’s makeup bag and how to create a minimal makeup collection by Jessica Rose


I once bought an entire collection of makeup brushes because a girl on YouTube told me they were ‘life changing’. You know how this story goes don’t you? They weren’t life changing and I hardly ever used them. In fact I was browsing for more makeup brushes within a few weeks of the DPD delivery driver handing them over for me to sign for. 

Back then I was a hopeless shopaholic and an easy target when it came to beauty industry marketing, not that I’m completely immune to it now, but I’ve got a firm handle on what is for me and what isn’t. The thing is I’ve never truly enjoyed wearing makeup, I hate the feel of it on my face in particular and I can never wait to get it off.

Hatred aside I still owned drawers, bags, shoeboxes and shelves filled with little pots of all sorts that promised to make me look like the very best version of myself. At a guess I’d say less than 5% of the stuff got used on a regular basis, and most was actually out of date. Makeup goes out of date, did you know that? Read this complete guide to makeup expiration dates for a full brief.

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