What’s cozier than a sweater for your legs? Think soft, lightweight fleece that fits snug, but not too tight. An elegant, modern lounge pant that exudes comfort and style and elevates your legging look from sporty to refined casual. Whether you’re guided by fashion or function, you’ll find a use for sweater leggings this winter. From slimming down a bulky winter wardrobe to maintaining comfort and warmth during cold weather workouts to upping the cozy factor on a plane or under the covers, sweater leggings might be the new winter wardrobe essential.

1. They add warmth without bulk. With puffy down jackets, slouchy hats, chunky sweaters and multiple layers, it’s easy to start feeling like the Michelin woman. Sweater leggings offer a sleek, slim silhouette without comprising warmth or practicality. Who says loungewear can’t be sexy?

2. They double as pajama bottoms. When the temperature plummets and you’re still shivering under two duvets, swap your cotton pj bottoms for sweater leggings for a cozy night’s sleep. Opt for a softer, looser sweater legging for nighttime comfort.  

3. They allow you to wear a skirt when it’s cold out. A skirt, tights and boots make up a classic and cute winter look, particularly popular in mountain towns. But on colder days, a think layer of Nylon won’t cut it. Sweater leggings to the rescue.    

4. They keep you comfortable and warm for winter exercise. If your sweater leggings are stretchy and breathable, they work well for cold weather trail running, hiking, showshoeing or Nordic skiing. Sweater leggings also make an ideal heavyweight base layer under a shell pant for skiing or snowboarding.

5. They are travel work horses. The perfect pant for a chilly airplane ride or winter roadtrip, sweater leggings bring comfort and coziness without sacrificing style. An overseas flight begs for the stretch of a legging, but also the breathability, forgiving fit and sophisticated look of a sweater legging.


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