Bronzer Tutorial


This story ran as a part of Sun Week on ITG, a celebration dedicated to the one part of your beauty routine you can't opt out of: sun protection. (Lipstick is fun and all, but never life or death). We also launched Glossier's very own version. Explore more Sun Week content here. The future's so bright, gotta wear sunscreen.

If there's anything to glean from Sun Week, it's that sunburn is bad and sunscreen is good, and that's it, you've learned today's lesson, time to log off the internet. But the inconvenient truth is that sometimes, a little sun looks good on you. (Unless you are one of these people.) Bronzed, misted skin, with a hint of a flush is the stuff that French Elle magazine editorials are made of. It's the perennial summer look.

If there's anything to glean from six years of reading ITG, it's that makeup can do most anything. Blush and bronzer were literally invented to mimic the effects of a bit too much sun, without actually having to go out and procure those UV rays for yourself. The key is knowing how to wield them, and that's where makeup artist Wendy Rowe comes in—not only is she deft in the art of natural-looking, but she'll do you one better and give you a face that looks so makeup-free, it's got freckles and redness and a little too much sun. And it all looks, somehow, perfect.


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