In nearly every online store, shopping mall, or small boutique you will find items of clothing donning tags that say "Made in (insert name of multiple foreign countries)". In fact, according to the American Apparel Association, 97-98% of clothing and shoes are made in countries outside of the United States. And, although supporting the world economy is not a bad thing, many foreign countries methods for manufacturing are less than satisfactory when it comes to Child Labor Laws.

Unfortunately, the need for quick and cheap fashion has caused countries like China, Bangladesh, and India to increase the rate at which they produce clothing. In turn, more and more children under the age of 16 find themselves working 16+ hour days with little to no pay, very few breaks, and poor working conditions.

Many Brands of Activewear are Made Using Child Labor

The activewear manufacturing industry is not free from child labor by any means. Just like every other fast fashion niche, activewear enthusiasts often want to be able to find the clothing they need at a price they like. Therefore, large companies resort to producing their clothing in poorly run factories overseas that enforce child labor.

The facts presented to the public regarding child labor raise a cause for concern. If the United States and other Western countries continue to indulge their frivolous buying habits, then it is likely that child labor will grow. Fortunately, if consumers begin to modify their buying habits to include only clothing manufactured in the United States, they may be able to combat this devastating epidemic.

Child Labor is Illegal in the United States

In 1938 the Fair Labor Standards Act was passed to protect families against Child Labor in the United States. The Fair Labor Standards Act states that youth must be 16 to work during school hours, at least 14 to work certain jobs after school, and 18 years of age in order to work any dangerous jobs. Thanks to this act and these prohibitions, children cannot be forced or even allowed to work in jobs that would compromise their well-being.

The United States Has Strict Wage and Overtime Laws

In addition to the Fair Labor Standards Act, in the past few decades, the United States has passed a variety of laws that regulate the wage and hours of workers in the garment factory. These laws help to ensure that workers are paid at least minimum wage (if not more) and that their hours are kept within reason. Such laws protect against unwilling slave labor in the United States garment industry.

The next time you are shopping for a pair of leggings, an athletic shirt, or even new running socks, consider the source.   Are your clothes being made in the United States by fairly paid workers who receive benefits? Or, are they made in an overseas factory that promotes child labor? It might seem small, but remember that considering the source of your activewear can play a role in helping to change the world.

All of the clothing produced by SQN Sport is manufactured in the United States under fair labor laws. That means when you buy your activewear from SQN Sport you are not only getting a great quality product, you also get a product that was created fairly!



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