Work from home bamboo fleece sweatshirt

Ultimate Work From Home Sweatshirt!

If you’re currently enjoying the freedom and flexibility of working from home, let us introduce you to the ultimate work from home sweatshirt. Made in the USA, if you are searching for something cosy, comfortable and that will look stylish, should need to hop onto a Zoom call, our bamboo fleece sweatshirts are the perfect work from home outfit essential.

Whether you normally work from home, or you’re currently adjusting to a new virtual way of life, it can be all too easy to lounge around in your pyjamas all day. To combat the feeling of being lazy and to boost your productivity levels while at home, it’s important that you invest in clothes that offer you comfort, versatility and will also make you feel good. No-one expects you to work from home in a cropped blazer, pair of straight leg jeans and pumps, but you should look clean, fresh and stylish, even if it’s just for yourself. Giving your day structure by waking up, taking a shower and getting dressed will help boost your productivity and will also guarantee that you’re ready to answer the door, have a video call with a client, or pop out for a last-minute coffee with your friends.


Sweatshirts Made From Bamboo Fleece

For a work from home look that will allow you to meditate, workout and be comfortable while working on your laptop, check out our online collection of super-soft bamboo fleece sweatshirts. These remarkably soft sweatshirts are made with natural bamboo fleece which has some pretty amazing qualities.

Here are just some of the incredible reasons why we choose to use bamboo fleece:

  • Bamboo fleece is a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric so you’ll be helping to save the planet.
  • Antibacterial, this material won’t cling on to bad odours.
  • For working out at home, bamboo fleece will absorb sweat and will help to keep you dry.
  • For a cosy work from home look, bamboo fleece is perfect as it will offer you warmth during the winter and keep you cool during the summer.
  • It’s ridiculously soft and you won’t want to take it off.
  • This natural fabric is best for those who suffer from allergies as it’s hypoallergenic.

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